Mrs. Rekha Kanitkar

In the year 1977-78 she foresaw the need for quality English medium school, and founded Khandesh Education Society. Her younger brother

Shri. Shyam Mahadeo Joshi proudly helped her in the process.

She indeed was a visionary to foresee explosive growth we are witnessing today in Thane city, Panvel and Navi Mumbai…   way back in 1970s!

See the timeline below, to see the wonders she did in a short span of 6 years!

A great visionary!

Mrs. Rekha Kanitkar was full of life, inspiring herself and everyone around. Ready to take on any challenge, had a courage to go against the stream and win !

Establishing ‘Phool Baag’ in 1977, & Bhagavati Vidyalaya in 1978, and other activities  are the classic examples of her visionary qualities.

Inspiring, lively,

with a winning sprit!

Mrs. Rekha Kanitkar was born on 26th November 1936 at Guhagar,

Dist. Ratnagiri. She did her education at Dhule, Khandesh, North Maharashtra, where her family lived.

Her father Shri Mahadeo Govind Joshi, was a highly respected Lawyer, and mother Sau. Parvati Mahadeo Joshi, shared her rich cultural heritage with Mrs. Rekha Kanitkar.

From a family of rich cultural heritage.


‘Phool Baug’

school at Panvel.


‘Khandesh Education Society’ & ‘Bhagavati Vidyalaya’ at Thane’.

A branch of ‘Bhagavati Vidyalaya’


operating at Sudarshan

Colony, Thane east.

An English medium school -

‘Modern English School’ was merged into Bhagavati Vidyalaya.

To full fill future needs of the school, she bought a piece of land at Vishnu Nagar, Thane, where the school has it’s building.

She also foresaw her departure from this planet, and requested Shri. Ashok Tilak to look after…

Mrs. Rekha Kanitkar left us on 9th December 1983,


Shri. Ashok Tilak started to look after the school, and did the hurculean task of managing the school, at the same time constructing the school building.







15cm.jpg PhholBauh_S.jpg BV_14.JPG

More about Mrs. Rekha Kanitkar


She submitted her proposal to CIDCO to start a school at Vashi, Navi Mumbai.

Helping the weaker section

She was also inclined to work and help the economically and educationally weaker section of the society.

She had organised & supervised a group of women, who made chutneys and allied products for sale in grocery shops. This was a great economical help

to the skilled but uneducated women.

Mrs. Rekha Kanitkar’s social activities.

Free education to the needy

She also imparted free tuition to children of these and other such women, so the children are self sufficient, educated, and earn their self respect.

She continued this practice of free education to needy and deserving students in

Bhagavati Vidyalaya too.

Social service

An extension of social service is sharing personal skills to the benefit of common people.

She did this through

Jan Sangh for various social activities, and also at the group of local residents where she lived.

She shared her organisational skills to motivate children and young alike, initiating sports and cultural activities.

It’s not always a GDP that makes a nation happier,

it’s the mental satisfaction, peace, earned from knowledge that makes a nation happier.

Acquire knowledge to distribute

Her obsession for knowledge acquisition was relentless.

This lead her to listen to lectures of famous personalities, learn & inspire from their experiences, ultimately sharing this amongst the students and the society.

Some of the personalities she listened to were -

Shri. Vinayak Wakatkar,

Shri. Raja Patil,

Shri. Jayant Naralikar.

She decided to spread her quest towards knowledge for all, and opened a library named ‘Rasik Vachanalaya’ near Ganesh talkies in Charai area of Thane.

Beginning of Bhagavati Vidyalaya

Mrs. Rekha Kanitkar founded Bhagavati Vidyalaya in 1978 at a rented place at Thakur Niwas Society, on Ram Maruti road, Thane.

Shri. Joshi of Krishna Stores who owned the place was very cooperative in renting out the place for the noble cause of education through Bhagavati Vidyalaya.

The school also operated for a short span of time at ‘Kalpavriksha’ building, which is today ‘Gajanan Maharaj math’ on Ram Maruti road.


Khandesh Education Society, and

Bhagavati Vidyalaya,

Thane, Maharashtra.

Visited our lovely planet earth from

26th November 1936 to 9th December 1983.

Rekha Kanitkar

Founder, Khandesh Education Society, and

Bhagavati Vidyalaya, Thane, Maharashtra, India.

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