Humble beginning

Mrs. Rekha Kanitkar made humble beginning of teaching students at her residence.

Parents and students were happier than ever to learn from her, as students loved the way she taught, and parents experienced their students’ spiraling growth.

Acquiring knowledge was her soul…

Since her schooldays, she was fond of Bhagavat Geeta, and studied the same through various examinations. She equally loved to acquire skills in various arts and crafts like knitting, paper craft, collection of paintings.

On the academic front too she excelled in varying subjects.

She passed Rashtrabhasha Prarambhik Pariksha’ in 1949,

She passed Rashtrabhasha Pravesh Pariksha’ in 1950,

from Rashtrabhasha Prachar Samiti, Vardha.

She also succeeded in ‘Gitapravesh Pariksha’ in 1950,

held by Gitadharma Mandal, Pune.

Did her ‘Gitasaar Pariksha’ successfully in 1951,

and Gitaparichay Pariksha in 1952.

She became ‘Rashtrabhasha Pravin’ In 1956

from Maharashtra Rashtrabhasha Sabha, Pune,

And finally, she became ‘Rashtrabhasha Pandit’ in 1957.

On the sports front, she was a talented table tennis player

having won a ‘Silver Cup’ to her credit!

All these honours were acquired by her while maintaining her regular schooling, studies and going through routine school examinations.

She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in 1960, and was working as a school teacher at Dhule in 1961-62.

Coming to the city of Thane

After her marriage in 1962, she came to Thane, and continued her teaching work. Students used to meet her even after completing their tuition, as she taught them in a very friendly manner.

She had almost become a school, with a vast network of parents and students.

This prompted her visionary skills to peep into the future, and foresaw a need to have a formal, well organised school, where students can develop themselves in various skills, making them a perfect human being and be an ideal and successful citizen.


She had a vision that everyone possesses some kind of skill. While one is good at academics, and another is good in leadership qualities, while someone excels in problem solving! So it’s a whole teamwork, where everyone excels, develops, and lives a really honourable life!

She firmly believed - It’s a teacher’s duty to ‘read’ students, and mould them in a most appropriate way, so he or she is charged from within, and never loses zeal to live, learn and excel. She also believed that a teacher should always look and work beyond books too, keeping them fresh, lively and connected with current world, BUT at the same time keeping our feet firmly with our culture and traditions.

She firmly believed that modernity is NOT in the clothes you wear or in today’s terms the lifestyle you follow. Modernity is how much knowledge you have, modernity is how much knowledge you can distribute to enrich lives and enlighten souls.

Expansion - a sign of being alive

For her, life is not just being alive, her definition for being alive was ‘expansion’, ‘adding new skills’, ‘seeing and exploring the world’, ‘interacting with friends and relatives’, and ‘keeping our Dnyanendriyas awake’.

She really lived to her ideals - in a very short span of six years from 1977 to 1983,

She began a school, expanded it, added a branch, merged another school into it propelling it further, bought land after a very very long and strenuous job of communicating with various authorities (where no email existed!), arranging and risking huge funds …..  

It was way beyond a Herculean task! Done all by herself, alone,

but then she had her ideals and goals firmly in place,

like Swami Vivekanand said,

‘Arise, awake, and stop not till the goal is reached’.

Rekha Kanitkar

Founder, Khandesh Education Society, and

Bhagavati Vidyalaya, Thane, Maharashtra, India.

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